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Account manager (French-speaking)

Account manager (French-speaking)
mardi 28 mars
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What does a day visiting clients all entail?

You are looking forward to the working day because each new day presents new and exciting challenges. You leave your hotel room feeling refreshed and invigorated and head off to breakfast. Yesterday evening you still quickly looked at the route again. You finalized your client plans the previous week, but go over them again during breakfast, in order to be well-prepared. Today you have four meetings with clients and one meeting with a potential client. You have prepared exciting plans for each client with which you are going to motivate and stimulate them. After a warm Promic introduction, you use your market knowledge to interest the client with the objective of increasing Promic and client turnover. Conclusion: The clients add different new Promic products to their range. You call your inside sales partner to update them on the situation. Together you discuss which steps to take next. Following a bite to eat and a nice stroll, you take a brief look at your planning for the next day and you quickly finish that report; it’ll only take fifteen minutes or so anyway. You end the day feeling tired but energized because of all your successful meetings.

Why become an Account Manager?

The purpose of an account manager is to generate turnover by planning, creating and taking opportunities, developing the market share, and focussing on client loyalty and managing client relations. The account manager collects strategic market information and closely monitors market developments.
All activities are performed in conjunction with a colleague from inside sales with whom you form a two-person team. The account manager is responsible for the client and together with your inside sales partner you are responsible for the turnover.

What are your responsibilities? How do you go about these? What should you focus on?

Market exploration and account planning


Following regional developments in client needs, competition, substitution, etc.Advising the sales manager about the above-mentioned. developments, so that these can be optimally utilized.Formulating creative proposals for accounts.Drawing up account plans and presenting them to the sales manager.


Collecting useful data in a timely mannerNumber of accepted proposals


Sales in the client portfolio


Actively finding and approaching clients and prospective clients.Presentation of turnover and enhancing brand name recognition concepts.Stimulating clients to work with Promic.Formulating quotes, price agreements, and contracts.Launching and coordinating sales projects.


Market shareTurnoverMarginScope and division of the client portfolio


Customer relationship management and NewBusiness


Building, maintaining, and expanding client relationships.Inspire and inform clients and prospective clients about portable displays.Performing after-sales support activities.Representing Promic at trade shows of exhibitions and events.Monitoring the commitments of Promic.


Client satisfactionContact frequencyScheduling meetings


Registration and reporting


Writing client visit reports and summarizing these in a periodic report.Observation of market developments and sharing these with the organization.Document agreements at the level of the client and informing colleagues where necessary.


Establishing up-to-date and correct information

Which skills are important?

Ambition – Managing customer relationships – Exchanging knowledge – Decisiveness – Numbers – Self-motivation – Self-confidence – Your role and position in the team

What knowledge and experience should you have?

  • Higher education or equivalent ability
  • You are fluent in spoken and written English and French
  • You have knowledge of business economics
  • You know how to manage customer relationships and how to operate in a market
  • You can employ different sales techniques
  • You have relevant commercial experience in a similar position

What do we expect of you?


  • Give constructive feedback with the objective of improvement
  • Be aware of the influence of your actions on others


  • Pick up on issues that others often overlook
  • Make the right conclusions based on large amounts of information


  • Goal-oriented and can distinguish between core issues and matters of minor importance
  • Always on top of things and know the status of a project/plan at all times

Personal mission and vision

  • Challenge others to remain critical on the tasks and goals
  • Show enthusiasm for continuous improvement


  • Dedicated to gain new knowledge and skills outside of working hours
  • Inspire and motivate colleagues and clients to perform better

Are you the enthusiastic, dynamic, and inquisitive person to strengthen our team and do you live (or want to live)  within a 50 km radius of Promic?

Please send your cover letter, CV, and photograph via the « Postuler »-button before 23 April. For more information about the job profile, visit https://www.promic.nl/en/vacancies. If you have any questions about this job opening, please send an e-mail to vacatures@promic.nl. We look forward to receiving your cover letter and CV!

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